The New Standard in Replacing Missing Teeth

Implants have become the new standard to replace missing teeth. Here at Mauthe & Associates, we are trained in using the Biohorizons brand of implants.

We place a titanium screw (this is the implant) into the the bone where the root of the tooth used to be to act as the new root. After healing into your bone we are able to build a tooth off of that screw by using a connector piece (called an abutment) and then finally the crown of the fake tooth. These three separate pieces can be seen above.


In some instances, we need to place more bone in the area to help support the implant. This can be done either at the time the old tooth is taken out or at the time of implant placement. The image above represents this process. For more information on these topics, visit their website at


If you are interested in replacing missing teeth with implants, give us a call to set up an appointment and talk about options!